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We are excited to announce the rebranding of our (3) Solution and Support Centers, Raymond Handling Solutions, Raymond Handling Concepts and Handling Systems to - Raymond West Intralogistics Solutions. By operating as one entity, we will be able to grow towards our mission of optimizing your intralogistics solutions and helping you achieve tomorrow’s warehouse, today. Intralogistics solutions is the art of optimizing, integrating, automating and managing the logistical flow of information, processes and material goods within the walls of a warehouse or distribution center. 

With coverage across eight states throughout the western region, we will be able to provide a unique mix of innovative products, best-in-class methodologies and software-based, data-powered solutions that harness the power of data, visualization techniques, technical innovation, and lean management methodologies to improve your operation.

Click Here to learn more about our rebrand.  We look forward to supporting you as Raymond West Intralogistics Solutions. 


  • Smart Rebate

    Smart Charging Technologies provides rebates to customers who are using electric forklifts and material handling equipment. Enroll today to find out if you qualify and start earning money at no cost to you!

  • 3220

    Introducing the 3220 Raymond Courier

    We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Raymond Automated Guided Vehicle Line - the 3220 Automated Tow Tractor. Towing up to 15,000 pounds, the Raymond Courier 3220 combines vision-guided technology with a heavy-duty towing capacity, further expanding Raymond’s end-to-end intralogistics solutions.

  • Pink Pallet Jack Auction

    To honor October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Raymond West auctioned off a pink pallet jack on eBay. The auction brought in more than $15,000 to be donated to Breast Cancer Angels and The Tina Fund.

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    Raymond Solutions and Support Centers

    Raymond has always offered the support of an unparalleled, nation-wide dealer network that provides end-to-end material handling solutions and service. To better reflect the vast array of integrated intralogistics solutions, products and services the Raymond Dealer Network provides, they are now called Solutions and Support Centers and include Intralogistics Solutions in their logos.

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